Moritz with the SPECTER 9 in Rio

Moritz mit dem SPECTER 9 in Rio

Moritz Milatz at the test event for Rio 2016 with the SPECTER 9!

Koch Engineering - Müsing RacingTeamrider Moritz Milatz was ready to roll at the test race in Rio de Janeiro! Moritz was actually already in the middle of his break from training, i.e. on holiday. However, the main point of the test event is to get to know the location, and of course the track, as well as the surrounding area for any possible training rides.

In summer temperatures of 38°C and the tropical humidity, Moritz was able to get a taste of what next year’s Olympic Games have in store. On the artificial circuit of the cross country track, with 144m cumulative elevation gain over a distance of 4.9km, the exclusive group of riders conducted a test race to get their heads in the game for the upcoming main event. Despite being on a break from training, Moritz did well in the race, finishing 27th.

Now, regeneration and the continuation of the break from training are the order of the day – before things really get going with getting in shape for Rio 2016. We’ve got our fingers well and truly crossed for him!

Moritz' Team-Bike: SPECTER 9 is also available in the World Cup Edition, with the original features!

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